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Вилла в Хорватии, Истрия

ID: 124130
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Вилла в Хорватии, в регионе Истрия
Стоимость:по запросу
Тип недвижимости:вилла
Вид недвижимости:вторичная
Количество спален:7
Количество ванных:7
Площадь участка:500 кв. м
Опции:терраса / балкон
The property consists of two typical Istrian stone buildings, recently completely refurbished and equipped with all modern comforts.
It is a single property consisting of 2 stone houses with a stunning sea view and swimming pool, beautifully restored and furnished, for a total of about 400 square meters including terraces and porches.
The two units have a total of 7 bedrooms, each with private bathroom.
Left House: ground floor living room with dining area, kitchen, bathroom, twin bedroom with bathroom.
First floor: double bedroom with bathroom, triple bedroom with bathroom.
For a total of 140 sqm plus porch and terrace.
Right House: ground floor living room with dining area, kitchen, toilet, utility room, laundry, twin bedroom with bathroom.
First floor: 2 double bedrooms with bathroom, single bedroom with bathroom.
For a total of 160 sqm plus porches and terraces.
The land is about 500 sqm and includes a private parking spot for two large cars and a swimming pool of 22 sqm, 1.4 m deep.
The pool is internally covered in glass mosaic, paved all around with no-slip tiles and there is a shower next to the pool.
Originally, the Left house was the settlers’ household while the Right house was a stable and tool shed.
The ceilings were just over 2 meters high to facilitate heating during winter and the floor consisted of planks that rested on the ground.
Windows were also very small to avoid thermal dispersion.
During the restructuring phase, the floor of the buildings was excavated to allow lifting the floor from the ground creating a ventilated space that solves problems related to moist.
In addition, the roof was raised by approximately one meter in order to have two floors of adequate height.
Part of the old barn was constructed using various materials and a sheet metal roof which was added more recently.
This has been completely demolished and rebuilt following the same method used for the original construction, so that no difference is perceived between the two sections of the house.
Old tiles were rescued and refurbished to build the roof.
Some other original elements were kept, restored and integrated into the structure so to save as much as possible the flavour of the ancient Istrian country house.
Terraces and a porch have been added to the original building.
These variations have helped creating living areas with tables that can accommodate 16 people and provide almost every room with a private space.
An external tank collects rainwater that can be used to water the garden.
On the porch of the right house there also is an ancient stone oven used to cook bread, a feature which is not common for homes in this area.
All rooms have a private bathroom with a shower or a bathtub.
The two buildings are separate and organized as two independent units, which share a garden, the swimming pool and a terrace where you can use the barbecue.
A second barbecue area has been prepared in another area of the garden.
Each home was designed and supplied with separate electrical systems (while making head to a single counter) that could also be easily divided into four units with limited changes.
The heating system is currently based on a wood burning stove and air conditioners but both units have been predisposed to connect to a turbo-fireplace.
The houses are equipped with air conditioners on the upper floors because the ground floor, thanks to the wide stone walls (50/60 cm thick), is sufficiently cool even in the hottest months.
Refrigeration appliances, even if not aesthetically pleasing, have been installed in positions so to be hidden by tree branches as much as possible.
The right house is equipped with a solar panel system that feeds a 200 liters boiler which provides hot water to the bathrooms and kitchen.
In the absence of adequate climatic conditions, the system works with electricity.
Each room and both living rooms has a TV antenna connected to a satellite dish which receives international channels.
The two houses are fully furnished in a mixed rustic/modern style and are ready to be inhabited or rented as holiday homes.
Peruski is located on the eastern coast of Duga Uvala and Krnica, 20 km from Pula’s center and 12 from Vodnjan.
The uncontaminated beaches can be reached by a partially paved road that runs through a forest of oaks. The road branches into several paths that lead to several peaceful and protected bays.
The forest is divided into a series of plots of land that hide small summer residences scattered among the trees.
Even in the high touristic season, the beach in Peruski is used by a limited number of tourists, especially from those who want to escape from the most densely populated areas.
The town has a bar and a small supermarket and is about 2.5 km from the nearest beach.
The entire property is registered as holiday home and this is the second season that it will receive tourists.
The houses may accommodate 14+2 guests.
The kind of clients who appreciate this kind of house, are mainly coming from northern Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain.
Usually the houses are rented to groups of two or three families or groups of friends.
The house could also lend itself to welcome special groups such as sports/cultural clubs.
For those who are looking for a house for both personal use and business, this property fits perfectly.
In fact, it is possible to rent the entire property part time or keep one house for personal use and rent the other one.
When contacting us, please quote property reference #30975

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Дата обновления:  04.12.2017
Недвижимость за рубежом / Хорватия / Истрия

Недвижимость в Хорватии, Истрия

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