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Commercial in Berlin, Germany


year of construction 2019 !! !
city center!
Your attention is presented a new supermarket in Berlin (Mitte district),
which is located on the 1st floor of a new apartment building.
Area - 1650 m²
Cost - 11 785 400 euros
Rental income - 450 000 Euro / year
Profitability 3.81
The tenant is a chain of grocery stores - EDEKA.
The lease agreement was concluded from the 3rd quarter of 2019 (upon completion of construction) for 15 years, with 2 extension options for 5 years each.
The agreement also provides for indexation of rental payments every 36 months by 60 relative to the previous rental fee.
The new REWE store has an excellent location in the center of Mitte, close to KaDeWe.
The potential number of customers is 15,000.
There is a parking lot for 13 parking spaces directly in front of the entrance to the supermarket.
Berlin is the capital and fastest growing city of Germany.
Over the past eight years alone, the population of Berlin has grown by about ten percent to 3.7 million people.
A significant increase in population density and an increase in purchasing power of 20 over the past 7 years have made supermarkets a very sought-after population and a very profitable business.

Property type:commercial
Property condition:period / existing
Year of construction / renovation:2019

ID: 187847 15.07.2020

  • 1650 sq. m
11 785 400 €

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