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Chinese real estate buyers are back on horseback

Chinese real estate buyers are back on horseback

China is the first country to encounter COVID-19 and resort to isolation measures; it was the first to deal with the spread of the disease and to remove isolation measures. That is why the whole world has long been watching what is happening in China, predicting a possible similar scenario for itself.

Today, Chinese overseas property buyers have almost returned to normal. Experts note that over the past six weeks, the number of visits to foreign Chinese real estate portals has increased compared to the same period in January and February. Chinese investors are once again interested in acquiring overseas property. Obviously, other countries are expecting the same in the coming days. Given the state of the global economy today and foreign real estate prices that have fallen, the number of buyers and investors in the international market will grow very quickly.

According to an article in the Financial Times, the main interest among Chinese investors today is caused by the United States, Canada and Australia, countries with the most powerful economies and attractive educational systems. Estonia, Romania, Morocco, Greece, Spain and Portugal are also in demand now. The Chinese continue to be the main buyers of gold visas in Portugal. And in the UK, wealthy Chinese buyers often buy property for their children, who are sent to study.

Such an increase in interest will very soon lead to a sharp increase in sales as soon as the opportunity to make trips and viewing tours is renewed.

Published: May 29, 2020