International Property Exhibitions

11-12 October 2024

Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show

Russia's only specialised Property & Investment Show. The Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show is a specially designed exhibition to suit the Russian mentality. Many sensible Russians are not eager to advertise their wealth and would not be comfortable visiting a large, 'public' exhibition, however a professional Investment Show in a refined, boutique style atmosphere is most suitable. If you offer investment products and would like to make face to face contact with qualified Russian investors, then participate in the Moscow Overseas Property & Investment Show.

15-16 November 2024

Moscow International Property Show

Moscow's first specialised International Real Estate Show. Property Developers - here you can promote and sell your developments direct to the specially selected wealthy Russian buyers who will be personally invited to this professional event. International Real Estate Agents - promote yourselves directly to this affluent market segment meeting with prospective buyers in a calm and professional atmosphere.