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Autumn event season gets Russian spice

Autumn event season gets Russian spiceThis autumn’s event season sees the launch of a new business-to-business event aimed at agents and developers keen to explore opportunities in the Russian buyer market.

Russian Summit, to be held in Moscow on 11th& 12th November, is the first residential property conference to be held in the city that deals solely with international real estate issues.

Unusually, the event is targeted at two audiences. An English-language conference caters for overseas agents and developers keen to learn from industry practioneers, while a Russian-language mini-exhibition takes place on the afternoon of the first day, which aims to attract local agents and introducers to the event.

Kim Waddoup, director of co-organisers aiGroup, believes the event is needed to help the industry better understand and take advantage of the opportunities available in Russia:

“In the seven years we have been organizing overseas property exhibitions in Russia, I have met hundreds of people who could have made much more of their visit. Russia is different. This event is aimed at helping agents and developers understand the differences, and of course meet potential agent partners. The aim is for Russian Summit to be a complete solution for anyone new to the Russian buyer market”.

Autumn season preview

Russian buyers are of course not the only option for those of you looking to expand your business into other terriorities. Here is a round-up of some of the bigger and more interesting events in Europe this autumn.


As the pound strengthens against both the euro and dollar, hopes are high for a strong visitor turnout among UK overseas property exhibition organizers.

The Property Investor Show & OPP Live takes place on 14th & 16th October in London. On the business-to-business side, the show includes new finance seminars aimed at IFA’s while the investment side of the show features a new section on alternative investments; with exhibitors from the biofuels, car park investment and care homes sectors.

Also worth noting is that Industry Poker Stars, our charity and networking event will take place on the Thursday 14th October to open up the audience to overseas professionals attending the Property Investor Show and OPP Live.

A Place in the Sun Live takes place at Birmingham’s NEC between 1st and 3rd October. The organizers are expanding their French, Portuguese and Spanish sections and have a Turkish-themed café.

The Property Abroad Show on 30th & 31st October in Manchester will be an interesting one to watch. A racing entrepreneur is betting heavily that there is pent-up demand for overseas property from people in the UK’s smaller cities.

They may not have won the World Cup but per capita, the Dutch are the richest country in the EU, and with an ageing population, a good number of them are looking at retirement opportunities further south.

Second Home International is the largest show in the country. It takes place in Utrecht on 15th to 17th October and has the added benefit of attracting vistors from Belgium due to its location.


In terms of per-capita wealth, the Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and Finnish give the Dutch a run for their money.

The largest overseas property event in Denmark is The Homes Abroad Show which takes place on 25th & 26th September in Copenhagen

If you looking for coverage in Scandinavia’s other markets, look no further than Fair Media Group, who organize the largest events in the Sweden, Norway and Finland. Confirmed show dates are as follows:

25-26 September 2010

16-17 October 2010

23-24 October 2010

6-7 November 2010


In addition to Russian Summit, which is aimed at the business-to-business market, there are a number of consumer overseas property exhibitions which are worth a look.

The Moscow International Property Show takes place directly after Russian Summit on 12th & 13th of November. Unfortunately, the event is now sold out.

The St Petersburg International Property Show is another option. It takes place a month earlier on 15th & 16th of October.

The Moscow Investment Show, could be appropriate for agents and developers selling investment-style property with strong yields and a good business case. It takes place in Moscow on 1st & 2nd October.