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Summary of Russian Real Estate Shows Q4, 2011

This independent survey was conducted by International Residence, Russia’s leading Overseas Real Estate magazine. Over 1,197 Visitors were polled between October 14th to November 19th 2011 at the following exhibitions:

Moscow International Investment Show 14th-15th October 2011.
St Petersburg International Property Show 28th-29th October 2011.
Moscow International Property Show 18th-19th 2011.

Total number of registered visitor’s at all three shows were 21,209. (Spring 2011 = 20,248).

Total number of exhibitors at all three shows = 564. (Average = 188 exhibitors per show).

Countries represented were an average of 31 per show.

Over 70% of those visitors polled were ready to buy a property within 6 months up to a year. At the October Show 14% were planning to buy within 6 months, however by the November Show this figure had risen to 23%.

27% of visitors were planning to spend over Euros 500k and more.

46% also explained that direct flights to their preferred destination were a major factor in them investing abroad. Spain still proved the number one destination, with over 80 direct flights a week from Russia. A close second in the poll was Bulgaria followed by Italy, France and Cyprus. USA came in for the first time into the top ten destinations at 10.

When asked where they researched for overseas property, 33% said at exhibitions, 33% on the internet and the remainder through magazines.

Russian’s are hungry for regular information and 71% polled admitted they research property abroad on line on a daily basis.

The response from exhibitors was very upbeat, and many had already completed contracts or had clients committed to visiting their developments within three weeks.