Turkey Property News

Turkish property prices rise

The cost of buying a property in Turkey climbed during November, compared to the previous month, new data shows.

According to the latest REIDIN.com Turkey Residential Property Price Index, the value of existing homes increased by 0.71 per cent last month, while annually, a 7.33 per cent rise has been recorded.

Izmir, Adana and Istanbul are the top performing destinations based on the monthly data, while Adana, Ankara and Istanbul saw the greatest price growth compared to November 2010.
Rental income has also climbed across the country, which may be good news for investors hoping to let their real estate assets.

The top-performing locations for rent rises over the past year were Antalya, with an 8.64 per cent increase, Izmir and Istanbul, where monthly charges have jumped by 7.25 per cent and 6.83 per cent respectively.

It appears that Turkey may continue to be a good place for property investors, with the Holiday Lettings' Insights Report recently highlighting the country's popularity as a holiday destination.
The study revealed a substantial number of bookings have already been taken for people planning a getaway to the nation next summer.