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New survey Finds The Best US States To Live In

If you’re thinking of buying a property in the Usa, it could pay to ditch the popular states such as California and Florida and head to Utah and Minnesota. That’s the conclusion of new research which identified the best US states to live in over the next five years based on factors including quality of life, clean water and how you are treated at work.

So, if you want to buy a US property in a location which gives you the best quality of life, keep reading.

Utah offers the best quality of life in the US
A Gallup study quizzed half a million Americans over the last 18 months and analysed where would be the best place to live in the coming five years based on 13 factors. These included the economy, job prospects and personal finances along with quality-of-life components like obesity rates, smoking and how many trips residents made to the dentist.

The Daily Mail reports that ‘Utah, Minnesota and Colorado were the top three places to live with much of the Midwest and the tropical paradise of Hawaii listed among desirable destinations.’
Utah ranks the highest of all US states because of its clean living reputation. It has the lowest number of smokers and clean and safe drinking water is easily accessible. Bosses on the state also treat workers like a partner rather than a boss giving them a greater sense of self-worth, lower stress levels and higher job satisfaction.

Minnesota also scored well, showing signs of economic growth. The state is conscientious about health and exercise with low smoking rates and regular visits to the dentists.

While the mid-west may be the place to live, residents of West Virginia were the least positive. The state suffers from lack of full-time employment opportunities and also scored the second-lowest median household income of $38,218.

Mississippi was the second worst place to live, boasting the highest percentage of the population living below the poverty line. It also has the second highest rate of obesity and fewer residents visited the dentist than in any other state.

Popular with overseas buyers, Florida was the sixth worst place to live, according to the Gallup study.