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Oligarchs Favour European Protected Property

Information that Belarusian oligarchs and authorities buy real estate in Vilnius has recently started to appear in the media.

The head of the Committee for Foreign Affairs of the Lithuanian Seim and Vice-President of the PACE Emanuelis Zingeris said, ’The Belarusian dictator’s confidants follow the example of their colleagues from other authoritarian states. For example, Russian oligarchs buy real estate on Cyprus and in Western Europe, and send their children to study in the world’s leading universities.

“For some reason, Lukashenka’s entourage doesn’t invest in North Korea or Venezuela, who are supposed to be their friends. They want to purchase property protected by the EU laws, they want their children to study in European universities. They don’t trust the system that they have created, that is why they don’t invest their money in it,” the politician said.

“Oligarchs and authorities who cannot enter the European Union can still buy real estate here, for example, using dummies. But they still cannot cross the border until the visa restrictions are removed,” Emanuelis Zingeris emphasized.

However many let their children study in Oxford and Princeton.