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Real Estate Internet Sales Surge Across Russia

Real Estate Internet Sales Surge Across Russia
The growth of the Russian internet is now ranked second after Germany across Europe, and this is having a major effect on global property markets.

2.8% of the World’s Internet users are Russian, with 59,700,000 Internet users as of June 2012, a massive 42.8% penetration, according to statistics recently produced by the International Telecommunications Union ITU.

In a recent poll conducted by a leading Russian overseas property portal, a staggering 77% confirmed that they used the internet first to source their overseas property investments. 53% had spent over 27 minutes searching and 37% had over Euros 500k to invest. The poll showed that the current top three most popular investment regions were 1.Bulgaria 2.Spain and 3.Turkey. concentrates only in real estate outside of Russia, and they offer the opportunity of continuous advertising throughout the Russian speaking markets, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Kim Waddoup CEO of the and owners of said, ’Germany already has an 83% penetration, but the real growth potential is here across Russia, with 79million still to receive internet access. We have made extensive investments since our launch in 2004 which have resulted in high optimization in the Russian language search engines, with more than 5,000 targeted visitors per day coming to our site’.
‘According to US realtors, 63% of buyers walked through a property having viewed online. With such a massive country, and with five time zones, Russian investors cannot just walk through property, so the internet provides both users and operators with an efficient method of putting sellers and buyers together. Russian websites will service not only users in Russia (150 Million people), but also Ukraine (50 Million people), Kazakhstan (17 Million people) and, Belarus (10 Million people).’

Waddoup added, ‘At, we employ highly qualified staff to ensure that international developer’s texts are translated into 'intelligent' Russian rather than using low quality auto translators.

‘Realising that many overseas Realtors and Developers wanted to enter this lucrative market, last year we launched an English newsletter through our magazine International Residence. It is aimed at explaining how to attract Russian investors with news and marketing advice. To register fill the form. To date 6,000 members of the international property industry have already subscribed, and the numbers are growing daily, ‘added Waddoup.