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Countries You can Visit with a Turkish Passport

A Turkish passport allows you to enter 70+ countries without a visa in advance, in 40+ countries with an entry visa, which you receive on arrival. And in 7 countries you can enter with an online visa, including Australia and Oman.

Countries You can Visit with a Turkish Passport

72 states allow Turkish citizens to enter without a visa. These are Northern Cyprus, Jordan, South Korea, Qatar, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Serbia, Belarus, Colombia, Iraq, Ecuador, Salvador, Tunisia, Ukraine, Paraguay, Uruguay, Morocco, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Argentina, Bosnia, Chile , Georgia, Thailand, South Africa.

A Turkish citizen can enter 42 countries to obtain a visa upon arrival. These are Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon and most African countries.

There are many countries that require a visa, but provide it on easy terms to Turkish citizens. In the context of negotiations and international agreements between Turkey and the EU, if Turkey joins the European Union, it is expected that a Turkish citizen will receive the main opportunities for obtaining a Schengen visa to enter European countries, and can lead to these negotiations for access to European countries without a visa for the holder of a Turkish passport in the future.

Published: 13 May 2020