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The winery is located in the Lazio region near the ancient city of Nepi, 10 km from the sea coast, which originally belonged to the Etruscans, then the Romans, and the Pope for many years chose it as their residence.
The farm is located next to the unique Regional Park Valle del Treja, which was founded in 1982. Its area is about 800 hectares and it is located in the valley of the Treasure River, from which its name derives, in the tributary of the Tiber, on the border of the provinces of Rome and Viterbo.
The origin and geological structure of the Valle del Treja is associated with the action of the volcanoes Vicano and Sabatino, whose activity formed the landscape of the area.
The area where the winery is located is in a regime of environmental protection and landscape restrictions. Mostly hilly terrain contributed to the growth of forests, which at present remained only in steep gorges, while the rest of the terrain was cultivated.
Low temperatures are observed in winter and high in summer and high temperature fluctuations throughout the year.
The winery extends over 30 hectares of fertile land, at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, where the mild and temperate climate of the Valle del Treja park prevails.
The first vineyard with an area of \u200b\u200b2 hectares was planted in the early 80s as an experiment, and the winery project is still in the process of development. Today, about 18 hectares are planted.
Rif. 0701NP-17339

Property type:business
Property condition:period / existing
Land area:300000 sq. m
Features:garden (private), pool (private), parking (private), terrace / balcony

ID: 174533 04.03.2020

  • 1000 sq. m
2 500 000 €

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