Property in Portugal

Commercial in Lisbon, Portugal

Commercial in Portugal, in Lisbon

Exceptional Real Estate Project in Lisbon (Object Nr. 1319-POT)

General Description

Very close to the center of Lisbon, one of the largest construction projects ever in Portugal is approved. On an area of approx. 45,000 m², apartments, a hypermarket, as well as a 5***** hotel, offices, a retirement community and 800 underground parking spaces are to be built.
On three underground levels, 800 parking spaces will be created, which are ideally suited for a Park&Ride thanks to the favorable location.

This project-development was a long time without international promotion. This situation changed within the last few weeks. Awareness started to rise due to the health care project close to the site (investment volume 300 Mio. €). A buried treasure to discover.

Projected Division

-Parking: 34.915 m²
-Commercial: 9.150 m²
-Hypermarket: 2.065 m²
-Hotel: 7.950 m²
-Apartments: 9.839 m²
-Retirement home: 16.045 m²


-Land price incl. accured project costs: 36.000.000 €
-Land area: 9.834 m²
-Investment volume incl. land: 127.000.000 €
-Commission: 1.25% plus VAT (buyer)

(All numbers are approximate)


Construction permit in Lisbon takes more than 2 or 3 years. Changes within the City Masterplan are possible. An approval for this project is realizable within 6 months! Modification to 70% residential or up to 75% for any other purpose is possible.

Further information about this object can be obtained by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or by submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI).

Property type:commercial
Property condition:off-plan

ID: 198038 07.10.2021

  • 45000 sq. m
36 000 000 €

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